Tofu fresco bio 250grs


The proteins of the organic mimasa tofu complement perfectly with those of the cereals, increasing the qualities of the two products.

Tofu is commonly called soy cheese, since it is obtained by curdling the milk of that legume. Like everything made from soybeans, it is rich in proteins that are very easily assimilated, as well as offering a delicate flavor.

It should be noted the high quality of tofu proteins (they reach 20% and contain the eight essential amino acids), which are comparable to animal protein and, in addition, with a high rate of absorption by the body. On the other hand, the proteins in tofu are complemented by those of cereals, so their nutritional value is much higher than the arithmetic sum of both. Thus, by serving 65 g of MIMASA organic tofu with a cup of brown rice, we will obtain 32% more protein than if we had served both foods separately. And of course, these proteins of vegetable origin do not carry the harmful residues of the animal product (cholesterol, saturated fats and chemical toxins).


Tofu is also very high in calcium, low in fat (almost all unsaturated), and very low in calories. It is easy for the body to digest, since the nutrients it provides are easy to assimilate. Being made from soy, it has a large amount of isoflavones, which relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders. They also promote the prevention of breast cancer.

Product Description


Water, soybeans* (29%), gelling agent: nigari (magnesium chloride). Cover liquid: water and sea salt (*from organic farming).

It may contain traces of gluten.


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