About Us

who are we ?

A sustainable local store that provides natural, organic, and eco-friendly products

Apart from these slogans, as the slogan “organic” or “natural” may not necessarily reflect the quality and safety of the product, not everything that is natural is safe, and not everything that is safe is sustainable. Therefore, we are keen to select our products and each component and study the extent of their health impact on humans and the environment. This is what concerns us and this is what we seek to provide in the first place.

We love Mother Earth, so we try to simplify our products. We usually use recyclable cartons, to preserve the environment and reduce plastic waste as much as possible.

What does sustainable provide?

We dream of a simple, healthy home that smells of nature, with jasmine, jasmine and lavender flowers. And a kitchen full of nutrients, buds and planting seedlings.. and cute cosmetics inspired by nature, you love it and do not harm you, but rather make you more beautiful than your beauty 🌸 An eco-friendly, comfortable and warm house, decorated with feathers, cotton sheets, burlap rugs and sage incense.
We help you connect with yourself and the beauty of nature 🌱

my love to you
Arabs 🌻