Geranium essential oil (geranium) – Madagascar – 10 ml


Roses and flowers are known as a symbol of femininity, love and beauty

Put a few drops and rub it behind your ears, your neck, your wrist, and swab it on your heart

And enjoy the feeling of femininity and pampering

Rose oil is used to open the heart chakra, enhance the feeling of love, relieve anxiety and stress

It also helps calm the nerves greatly, in addition to its effectiveness in promoting a sense of relaxation, which makes the person feel a kind of emotional stability.

Geranium has astringent properties and helps stop bleeding. It also helps in tightening the skin and reducing inflammation, especially acne.

Product Description


Origin: Madagascar

100% pure oil, concentrated, without adding any carrier oils, alcohol, or water

Our essential oils are of therapeutic grade

Therapeutic Grade-

The active compounds and substances in plant-based oil stimulate and enhance mood.

Therefore, we recommend smelling the oil first and inhaling it deeply when applying it, so that the benefit is greater and not only limited to its use as perfume

Topical therapeutic use: Mix a few drops of the essential oil with your cream or lotion, or with any other carrier oil, such as almond oil, provided that the proportion of the essential oil does not exceed 2%.

Diffuser: mix a few drops with water and place the mixture over the candle.

To make a perfumed spray for the home or bedding: mix a few drops with water, shake well before use, or add a drop of natural liquid soap to mix the oil with water.

bathtubs in the bathtub: mix the oil with a little soap to mix it with the water

Note: Essential oils may cause allergic reactions to some, so they must be tested on a small area to ensure that no allergic reaction occurs. It is also not recommended to use them on a daily basis, but only at intervals and in small quantities diluted with carrier oils.

Not suitable for children.

Not suitable for indoor use.

Pregnant and lactating women should consult their physician before using any essential oil

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