Pottery clay water jug – Classic model – 8 ltr


This pottery is made from the finest Food Grade Italian clay in accordance with European Union standards for kitchen tools safety. Laboratory tested and free of lead, arsenic, and all heavy metals. Handcrafted by Saudi artisan Mr. Mazen Abu Safta, who holds an honorary doctorate in arts, with more than 30 years of experience in pottery making. We guarantee you quality and workmanship.

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Benefits of drinking from Clay pot:
– Purifying water from impurities and excess salts that are excreted through the pores of pottery.
– Supplementing water with natural minerals found in the clay, thus increasing the alkalinity of the water.
– Cleansing the kidneys and hydrating entire body cells.
– Obtaining a “live water”, the nearest possible option to spring water, as the clay reconstitutes distorted or stagnant water crystals into their healthy and proper geometric shape, which supports the aura and energy of the body.
– Get cold, refreshing water that has a distinctive taste and quenches thirst.

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