Kombu from Japon 50 grs


It is a very popular food in the oriental diet, characterized by its great contribution of potassium.
Kombu is the generic Japanese name for several types of algae found in the northern seas. Its harvest season is from June to October, but the best time is from mid-July to early August, when it has grown taller. In fact, it can form bands up to 20 meters in length.

Japanese kombu are of the Naga-kombu and Ma-kombu types, which are two of the best quality varieties. They are grown on Hokkaido’s clean, natural shores and have high nutritional value.


Kombu seaweed contains very few calories and is a very popular food in the oriental diet. Of all the sea vegetables, it is the one that contains the highest amount of potassium. As this element helps to eliminate excess sodium, kombu seaweed is effective in reducing inflammation. It also contains fucoidan, a type of polysaccharide that stands out for its stimulating effect on liver cells. It is effective in cleaning the blood and lowering cholesterol levels. One gram of this algae a day provides a sufficient amount of iodine, which greatly helps the balance and proper functioning of the endocrine glands.

Kombu seaweed contains amino acids that act as mild stimulants of the mucous membranes and the lymphatic system. It lowers the rate of sugar in the blood and is beneficial for hypertension. Helps to regain normal body weight in both obesity and weight deficiency. Likewise, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body and is recommended for circulatory problems.


Product Description


It can be used to enrich broths, legumes and cereals thanks to its characteristic aroma. It can also be fried and seasoned with a bit of Tamari-Shoyu Mimasa.


Laminariaceae Longissima 100%



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