Hijiki from Japon 50gs


Its strong flavor is quite surprising, but you’ll find it delicious. Children and expectant mothers can benefit from its qualities.

Hijiki seaweed is a marine plant that grows on the rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean and has a brownish color. When it dries, it turns grayish, and to give it its characteristic black color, it is boiled and dried several times. This process also helps partially remove its strong bitter aroma.

Hijiki is distinguished by a characteristic, somewhat strong flavor, which is delicious when you get used to it. It is usually cooked separately and eaten as an accompaniment, although it is also mixed with other vegetables and cereals.


Hijiki seaweed has a very high calcium content and is also very rich in carotene or provitamin A. It is highly recommended for children and expectant mothers.

In Japan, hijiki seaweed has a good reputation as an anti-aging treatment, since in addition to being cleansing, it is very convenient to strengthen bones, nails and hair.

Product Description


Boil for 30 minutes with sautéed vegetables. It can also be boiled with cereals


Hizikia fusiforme)100%.


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