Anti-inflammation and histamine – Normal Allergen Response


Neutralize free radicals and give your body a boost with our Plant-Based Quercetin. This unique antioxidant is made with highly bioavailable ingredients to promote your body’s normal response to allergens, inflammation, and histamines. Our enhanced formula effectively delivers the natural immune and allergen support your body needs. This unique Quercetin compound contains plant flavonoids to help ward off damaging free radicals and support a normal respiratory response.

• Boosts Immune Function
• Supports Respiratory Health
• Made with Phytosome Technology for Superior Absorption

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Product Description

What Is Plant-Based Quercetin?
Quercetin is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in many plant foods such as onions, cranberries, berries, and leafy greens. For decades, Quercetin has been used to support the immune and respiratory systems. Global Healing’s Plant-Based Quercetin is made with a patented, highly bioavailable form of quercetin called Quercefit®️ to strengthen your body’s defense against free radicals, stubborn allergens, and harmful organisms.
Our Plant-Based Quercetin is formulated with an enhanced phytosome delivery method that increases your body’s ability to absorb active Quercetin up to 20 times higher than standard quercetin, meaning you’ll get the most out of this powerful antioxidant.

What makes our product different?
Plant-Based Quercetin is an enhanced formula that contains phytosome technology crafted using sunflower lecithin that delivers active Quercetin into cells. Made with highly bioavailable ingredients. There are a lot of gimmicky, quercetin supplements out there that contain synthetic ingredients that aren’t absorbable. They’re not nearly as bioactive and can’t offer the same level of protection.

Doesn’t contain:
GMO ingredients, Alcohol, Gluten, Dairy products, Soy, Toxins


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