Organic Rice malt sweetener syrup – Macrobiotic kitchen


It is considered the number one sweetener in the macrobiotic cuisine
It has a balanced-mild sweet taste
It is known in Macrobiotic that grains are the most balanced yin-yang  type of food between .
Therefore, rice sweetener is considered the most balanced one among other types of sweeteners
Made from rice and barley molasses only, without any other additives
Low in fructose, rich in iron

Product Description

This product is from Muso-from Japan company

It is one of the oldest and leading companies in the macrobiotic field , which provides organic products according to the highest standards, authentic and traditional method of preparing grandparents Japanese food, under the supervision of its founder, the macrobiotic consultant, Mr. shuzo Okada

we guarantee the quality of this product.

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