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Kuzu is a therapeutic starch used in the Macrobiotic kitchen.
Extracted from the roots of trees that are located near volcanoes, which makes it very rich in essential vitamins and minerals,

Reduces fatigue, tiredness and increases  body tolerance –
Helps reduce body temperature in case of fever –
Relieves headache, dizziness and nausea during pregnancy –
Strengthens the stomach, intestines and improves absorption –

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Product Description

Ingredients: 100% Kuzu Root Powder.
To prepare the Kuzu: Add one TB spoon to a cup of cold water, stir until it is well-mixed, and then boil it over low heat, keep stirring constantly.
After it becomes warm, add ginger, Ameboushi or soy sauce according to your preference
Eat it slowly according to the Traditional Chinese treatment.

This product is from Muso-from Japan company
its one of the oldest and leading companies in the macrobiotic field , which provides organic products according to the highest standards, authentic and traditioal method of preparing grandparents japanese food, under the supervision of its founder, the macrobiotic consultant, Mr. shuzo Okada
we gurantee the qaulity of this product.

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