Daikon 100 grs


The purifying properties of daikon turnip reduce excess body fat and make it an important food in a healthy diet

Daikon is a long white turnip. Its name comes from the union of the Japanese words “dai” (long) and “kon” (root). This vegetable is harvested between winter and spring, cut into strips and then left to dry in the sun for three days.

Drying it in the soft, cool winds of spring preserves its mild, sweet aroma and flavor.

Daikon is an excellent source of energy and fiber, due to its content of glucose, fructose, cellulose and starch, as well as providing high amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Daikon consumption is a good way to cleanse the body and lower cholesterol. Inadequate eating habits (excess of sugars, fats, meats, refined flours and low-quality oils) cause fat to accumulate in the fundamental organs and in the channels of the energy meridians, a fact that can hinder and even prevent its circulation. A healthy diet in which daikon is common can help prevent it and ensure that all organs function in a balanced way.

With toning, diuretic and alkalizing properties, daikon has enzymes that promote digestion. In addition, its daily consumption favors the elimination of mucus, kidney stones and animal waste from the body.

Just a small amount at each meal to see the benefits.

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Daikon turnip 100%


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