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Lotus root powder, which has multiple properties, favors the strengthening of the body against diseases.

MIMASA lotus is lotus root powder (100%). Lotus root is very strong and resistant. Lotus seeds that have been buried underground for thousands of years are known to sprout again when planted again. Lotus is an amazing plant with inexhaustible vital energy.

The medicinal value of lotus root has been widely known since ancient times, with properties such as strengthening heart function, regulating blood pressure, preventing bleeding, improving digestion and providing energy, among others.

However, lotus is especially known for softening coughs and helping to eliminate phlegm. It is also widely used by asthmatics, because by contracting the bronchi it allows them to breathe. Its effect is almost immediate.


100% lotus root

Product Description


Drinking a cup of MIMASA lotus every day can strengthen a weak constitution and thus strengthen resistance to disease. To prepare it, just boil two teaspoons of MIMASA lotus in a cup of water for about five minutes. At the end, you can add MIMASA organic tamari-shoyu or salt.

Lotus can also be applied as a poultice to remove mucus from the nasal sinuses, mixing three parts of MIMASA lotus, two of wheat flour and one of MIMASA powdered ginger, to which a little water is added. The consistent paste that results should be deposited on the forehead, especially above the eyebrows. Using a bandage, this application should be left overnight for about 15 days.



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