Paste Umeboshi 250 grs


Umeboshi paste is a good option to consume this food in a different way: in sauce, as a salad dressing

Umeboshi paste, also known as bainiku, is prepared by removing the pit of the umé plum and grinding the flesh of the plum. It comes from the umé that do not meet the size and shape conditions required by the market. Since the efficacy of MIMASA umeboshi paste is equal to that of umeboshi, it can be used for the same purposes.


Product Description


Umé plum 72.6%, sea salt 17%, umeboshi vinegar 10.4%.


The paste presentation allows you to easily prepare condiments and sauces.

Its use is more comfortable in the preparation of sauces for salad, as a substitute for vinegar, pâtés, spread on a slice of bread, etc.

By diluting some MIMASA umeboshi paste in a cup of MIMASA kukicha tea, you get an excellent toner for the body that aids digestion.

MIMASA umeboshi paste can also be placed in a small quantity in the center of a brown rice ball wrapped with a piece of MIMASA nori seaweed, previously roasted over a gas flame. This recipe is highly recommended to restore physical and mental balance, taking three balls of rice a day, as the only food, for three days.


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