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Tamari is a type of fermented soybean, which is fermented for 18-24 months.
It differs from soy sauce in which it is fermented using only water, without adding wheat, meaning that it is gluten-free
It also contains relatively less salt, compared to soy sauce, which makes it ideal for high blood-pressure patients

Rich in amino acids, digestive enzymes and vitamins-
Helps in food digestion ,and enrich your meal rich with beneficial bacteria-
-Used in macrobiotic kitchen as a seasoning that can be added at the end of cooking ,not on the fire. It can be added to soups, edamats and salads.

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Ingredients: Organic whole soybeans, water, sea salt, koji mushroom

Beware of processed and commercial soy sauces, they are full of colorants, preservatives and sugar, therefore it doesn’t contain any nutritional value , but often causes digestive problems


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حجم الصوص


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