Bancha bio 100grs


Bancha tea, green tea with a unique aroma and fragrance.

MIMASA’s organic Bancha tea has been made from the leaves of the green tea plant for more than 30 years. The biggest difference from other teas is that ours is roasted three or four times in a row, which gives it a unique aroma and fragrance. Made from tea leaves, Bancha tea is more aromatic than Kukicha tea.

The main substances in bancha tea are catechin, amino acids, caffeine (alkaloid) and, especially, vitamins. According to a study by Professor Oguni of Shizuoka Prefectural Junior College, 1 gram of catechin per day lowers the risk of cancer. In a cup of tea there is 0.1 g, so with 10 cups a day we have 1 g.

Bancha contains vitamins C and E. Vitamins by themselves already have an anti-oxidant effect, but this is multiplied when we combine them with catechin. This combination is especially effective in preventing lipid peroxidation, the main cause of ageing. However, this effect decreases if we mix the tea with milk protein, so it is recommended to drink it alone. Bancha tea polysaccharides help lower blood sugar levels.

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Organic 3-year-old green tea leaves


After spending 3 years on the plant, it is picked and roasted three or four consecutive times, which gives it a unique aroma and fragrance.


Infuse 3 minutes. If you want more concentrate boil 3 minutes.


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