Organic Azuki Adzuki Beans 340 g


Azuki is a type of Japanese bean that tastes similar to red beans
Its shape resembles a kidney, therefore it is used in the macrobiotic kitchen in order to support the kidneys, bladder, urinary system, bones and joints.
It detoxify these organs, helps to purify them from toxins and dissolve stones.

Instructions : Boil the azuki over the fire for an hour,
, drain it, and drink its water for 15 days, one cup day
You may repeat boiling the beans for 3 days
You may eat the leftover beans in any preferable way
It is preferable to add the kombu seaweeds to the cooking water, as it helps legumes to repine faster and also supports the food with a high content of minerals and vitamins
(Kombu is available at mustadeem).

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