Tempeh fresco bio 250grs


The fermentation process of tempeh makes it maintain the qualities of soy, but its protein is much easier to digest.

Tempeh is a derivative of soy that is obtained through a heat fermentation process. Originally from Indonesia, it stands out for its high nutritional value, especially in protein, and its easy digestion. MIMASA’s organic tempeh is made with soy, tamari-shoyu (both from organic farming) and salt.

Tempeh is obtained from the fermentation of soybeans with the Rhizopus oligosporosus fungus. This process makes the soy protein more digestive, reducing for example oligosaccharides, which are frequently related to gases. During fermentation, natural antibacterial agents also appear that act as an antibiotic in the fight against some microorganisms, which is why in Indonesia it is considered a therapeutic food in cases of intestinal ailments.


Regarding its properties, Tempeh stands out above all for its content of isoflavones and saponins, in addition to having all the essential amino acids. Isoflavones relieve stiff neck and shoulders. They also promote the prevention of breast cancer. Saponin, for its part, favors the inhibition of lipid peroxidation, causing an anti-aging effect, and the prevention of hardening of the arteries and liver diseases.

Product Description


Organic soy, water, organic shoyu (soywheat, sea salt and koji), organic apple cider vinegar and ferment (Rhizopus)


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