Organic Chamomile Herbs – Croatia – 50 gm


Chamomile is known as the favourite herb of mothers and grandmothers

And the yellow flower that loves light and sunlight

It has soothing properties

It is used for colds, colic and abdominal pain

It calms the nerves, reduces stress and helps to relax and sleep deeply

Drink it to feel warm, pamper yourself, especially in the winter

It is also used as a vaginal soak to relieve itching and inflammation

Or a lotion to relieve skin infections and sunburn

It is considered one of the safest herbs even in the long run

Safe for children over 6 months

Product Description

Origin: Croatia

Obtained from organic farms and free of pesticides

Carefully purified and free from dirt and impurities


How to use :

For every cup of boiling water, add one sachet

Leave it to brew for 5-10 minutes

You can add honey for sweetening


Contraindications to the use of chamomile:

People with asthma.

People who are allergic to chrysanthemum

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