Pure natural shilajit 30 ml

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Shilajit is one of the most powerful and famous traditional remedies that have been used since ancient times, as it was used in Ibn Sina medicine and Ayurvedic Indian medicine to treat many diseases. It is sediment extracted from among the rocks, resulting from the decomposition remains of plants, algae and microorganisms on the surface.

Over hundreds of years. It is used to strengthen and revitalize the body.

The can will keep it protected for months as a very small amount is enough for each use (amount of metal spoon included

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Shilajit Benefits

Rich in more than 85 natural vital minerals

General tonic reduces stress and provides the body with the necessary energy and vitality

Its’ key ingredient is fulvic acid, which boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation

Promotes tissue and cell regeneration, wound healing, and bone fractures, and increases their density

Relieves kidney stones and digestive problems

Improves brain health, strengthens memory and increases mental abilities

Improves mood and mental health and reduces depression

Regulate male and female hormones

This quality is characterized as being the highest degree of purity available

Where it is extracted only from the high Himalayas at an altitude of 17,000+ feet above the surface of the earth,

Where clean air and pristine nature, provide a clean and ideal environment to be away from all pollutants. It is also sun-dried, filtered and purified in several stages, and this rare quality requires many years to form and a lot of effort to extract, so its price is high. As for the shilajit that is sold to the perfumers at very low prices, is not original, polluted and not free of the impurities. It is full of heavy metals and is not safe for human consumption.

We guarantee you quality in a sustainable manner

Our shilajit is tested by laboratories in America and the UAE, to investigate the proportions of heavy metals

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